Calving 2021


Calving is a team effort, let our team help yours to make sure that you have everything you need in the lead up, during and through the calving season. Whether it's metabolics, milk filters or feed and feeding supplies that you are after we have you covered. Explore our hub of calving information, resources and offers on this page.


Key Features of the Stallion OTM

Built on a strong galvanized steel frame, this tanker can carry and mix colostrum, milk powder or any other calf supplements that you want to feed out. With a nozzle and hose dispensing unit and manifold design, the MTF series will take you from feeding out in pens to paddocks with ease.

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Spring Calving with Ancalf - Farmer experience

Tom, a farmer from Karakariki, and Jenni and Rowan, farmers from Gordonton, tell us about their experience using Ancalf and how they have found that the high casein, vitamins and minerals in Ancalf make sure that they are starting with the best CMR to help them grow strong and healthy calves. We also hear how quick and easy it is to use Ancalf no matter the size of your operation.

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How to keep costs down using NZAgbiz Ancalf CMR

Tom, farmer from Karakariki, and Jenni and Rowan, farmers from Gordonton, tell us about their experience using Ancalf including how using Ancalf not only saves them in time but also keeps the costs down while having more milk left in the vat for payout.

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NZAGBIZ Rearing Guide - Calves

NZAGBIZ Rearing Guide - Calves

This Feed Guide has been designed to provide you with best practice rearing guidelines, informed by recent scientific and applied research.


Alcalf Mixing calculator

Ancalf Mixing Calculator

Easily calculate the quality a of calf milk replacer and water required with the Ancalf Mixing Calculator.


Vat Milk vs Ancalf Finisher

Vat Milk vs Ancalf Finisher CMR Calculator

Calculate your savings for if you swap your herds's whole milk with Ancalf Finisher



3-Step Treatment Regime

We can’t always prevent a cow going down, but with the right treatment plan, the risk of relapse and associated costs of labour, time and reduced milk production can be minimised. To help give down cows the best chance of returning to health and production, consider a 3-step treatment regime.



Offer valid 1 July to 30 September, 2021


Offer valid 1 June to 30 September, 2021