Skellerup Pink Bands

Nine New Zealanders are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, a third of whom live outside the main centres. Working in partnership with Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand, Skellerup has created Pink Band gumboots to raise money and show their support for those affected by the disease, particularly in rural communities.

For rural communities, a cancer diagnosis often brings with it added complexities.

The realities of farm life mean it’s not always possible to take weeks (or months) off to receive treatment, resulting in many women choosing mastectomies over breast-conserving surgery. Limited resources in the rural health sector can also mean they have less access to breast reconstruction treatments.

With the Pink Band gumboot campaign, Skellerup aims to enhance awareness of these challenges, while also assisting Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand fundraising efforts.

For a limited time only, Skellerup will be offering Pink Band gumboots instore only at your local Farm Source store. There is limited stock, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Plus, Skellerup will donate $5 from every pair sold directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

Designed and hand-crafted in exactly the same way as the traditional Red Band, these limited-edition gumboots feature pink detailing and a pink ribbon printed on the calf.

Sizes range from 3-9 for Women/Youths, and 4-13 for Men.

Can't find it online? Visit us in store to see our whole range.