Supporting your bottom line

Meeting volatility with action

Our Co-op is no stranger to the volatility of the global milk market. And while we have teams of specialists employing tactics to smooth the curve to minimise downturns and maximise the upsides, we also now need immediate action in supporting all of our farmers to get through this together.

Supporting your bottom line. Our price locked in Sep - Dec 2023

You want more certainty on your spending

We're making a price certainty commitment

Supply chain challenges and price volatility certainly aren't getting any easier to get used to, so we've developed a new pricing commitment to our farmers. We are introducing a new Price Cap on all products between now and the end of the year.*

Some of our prices will go down - through deals and short-term discounts, but the standard retail price won't go up.

*Excludes Ballance, Agrifeeds, utilities (such as power & telecommunications) and quotes. View Terms & Conditions ➔

Store staff ready to help

You want to save on supplies

We're here to help you save

Our team is committed to lowering your on-farm costs. We have negotiated with our vendors and instructed our pricing team to provide as many additional discounts to our farmers as we can.

TSR on farm chatting with farmer

You want to prioritise on-farm decisions

We're here to advise and support you

If you are faced with difficult decisions as you continue to improve your farms' position, you may be questioning and prioritising what needs to happen and what can wait. So, as you plan for the season ahead, we're here to help you make decisions with cost savings in mind. Just reach out to your local Farm Source rep. We're here to help.

Your local team of Farm Source specialists can help you to work out how you can optimise savings on fertilisers, pasture preparation, cropping, animal health and nutrition and infrastructure investments.

People sitting at a table talking

You might want a cuppa

We're here for a chat

We know you will be spending time planning for the period ahead, but it's also important to pause and talk it through with a local who understands your situation. We have recently prioritised our field teams' commitments so that they can make themselves available for a cuppa, a chat and to of course help with any short or longer term planning. We also have a strong partnership with Rural Support Trust who have a range of specialists to listen and provide all advice for members of the rural community.

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