Cool Cow Mister Kit complete

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Product Description

This clever system can be easily installed into any milking shed. This unique in-shed mist system will keep your cows cool during summer and flies out of the shed during milking, while Cool Cow is operating.

For anyone who has endured afternoons milking in the heat of summer, it is an exhausting and challenging job for the cows as well as the milker. The flies are the biggest problem! And this is what inspired Tony to invent this system.


  • Fly and heat control system for in the shed
  • Reduces heat and flies during milking
  • Lowers breathing rates and heat stress
  • Suppresses dust from in shed feed systems
  • Cooler milking for cows and milkers
  • Complete kit
  • Easy to install


  • Unique design that has been perfected to keep cows cool and flies away, without wetting staff during milking.
  • The coolness of the spray lowers breathing rates and heat stress in animals
  • A fine spray of water suppresses dust from in-shed feed systems
  • The mist reduces heat for workers and cows during milking.
  • All you need to set up the in-shed system comes in the kit
  • Easy installation instructions included