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Gallagher S200 Portable Solar Energizer


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Product Description

A portable super tough Energizer that comes with a rechargeable battery and in-built solar panel. Quick and easy to install it is suitable for heavy crop grazing and small farms up to 8 hectares.


  • Powers up to 20 km / 8 hectares of multi-wire fence
  • Split solar panel design
  • Includes fence/earth leadset, rechargeable 12v battery and solar panel
  • Includes mains recharge pack
  • Battery status indicator and multiple power options
  • Water resistant case, with built in lightning protection


  • Ideal for heavy crop grazing and small acreages
  • Split solar panel design means if one panel is covered by vegetation, the second will continue to charge the battery
  • Fully integrated and ready to use
  • Mains recharge capability allows battery to be recharged if insufficient sunshine hours are available
  • Battery status Indicator provides peace of mind if battery needs to be charged or replaced and multiple power options helps extend battery life
  • Designed to be left outside, rain, hail or shine. Keeps stock contained in all weather conditions