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Opticalf 25kg


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Product Description

BioGro certified as an organic input, OptiCalf™ is a standard grade natural zeolite supplement that when fed to calves aids in the treatment of diarrhoea. OptiCalf™ provides ongoing preventative defence and assists with immunity against animal health issues and optimises growth.


  • Overseas research, backed up by feedback from farmers in NZ, shows that OptiGuard helps in the treatment of diarrhoea in calves and improves growth rates.
  • OptiCalfs’ ability to absorb water removes some water from the digesta in the digestive track. This probably relates to improved overall health of the animals. If the intestines are impaired as a result of the consequences of diarrhoea
  • OptiCalf™ is a zeolite, sourced and processed from New Zealand by Blue Pacific Minerals.
  • Calves love the taste. Can be fed ad lib but make sure plenty of water is available.
  • Opticalf is safe to use


  • Diarrhoea means the calf is stripped of critical fluids and salts, hindering the calf's rumen development, weight gain and reaching weaning early. Treating this early makes for a healthier calf.
  • The common observation that the manure tends to be drier in calves receiving Opticalf supports. If the digesta is a bit drier, it moves a bit slower through the digestive tract allowing more time for digestion and the resulting nutrients to be taken up
  • These have a high ion exchange capacity allowing them to reversibly absorb, bind (and release when needed) positively charged ions (cations), such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • Calves want to eat it and when placed in troughs it allows them to self-manage their intake.
  • OptiCalf is BioGro certified organic.