Clean up this season

Clean up this season

More than ever, New Zealand needs its dairy farmers to keep great quality milk flowing. When you win, we all win.

To get you ready for success this season, we’re here to help get your shed hygiene basics sorted. Reduce the chance of elevated SCC levels and improve hygiene performance with the best advice on rubberware, teat sprays, and more.

Milk Quality Offers

Changing liners every 2500 milkings

Skellerup VacPlus Milking Liners

The milking liner has the greatest impact on milking efficiency, hygiene and cow comfort, more than any other milking machine component. Changing milking liners at 2,500 milking’s will give you real production benefits.

  • Shorter milking time
  • Reduced cup-slip
  • Lower somatic cell count
  • Increased yield

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8 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Liner

  • Make sure the liner tailpiece is the right size for your claw
  • Check the claws for sharp edges. Sharp claws may cause impact damage on the short milk tube. Use emery paper to take off any sharp edges.
  • Always remove the liner from the jetters after cleaning, otherwise you'll get mouthpiece distortion. (It also lets air circulate through the system.)
  • When fitting the liner in the shell, ensure the indicator markers are aligned so the liner isn’t twisted in the barrel.
  • Clean with approved chemicals as per manufacturers’ instructions and use water at the recommended temperature. Cold water does not remove the butterfat!
  • Release the liner tension in the shell at the end of the season if the liners 2,500 milkings are not up.
  • The sun and ozone has an effect on rubber, protect your liners as much as possible.
  • REMEMBER: Change your liners after 2,500 milkings

End the season with healthy teats

FIL Teat Mixer

Achieving an accurate ratio of teat spray, emollient and water is a critical factor for maintaining teat condition.

The FIL Auto Mix + Spray has 97 percent accuracy and takes human error and guesswork out of hand mixing.

Rates can be locked into the Auto Mix + Spray memory for daily use until it’s time to select a different ratio.