Company Overview

Company Overview

At Farm Source, we know farming takes hard work and commitment and that the job never stops. We know what you put in and that every farm has its own challenges, so we’ll be there when you need a hand.

As your local hub of farming support and supplies, we’re always here to help. With 68 stores nationwide and teams in the field, we can hit the ground running when you need us.

Our People

Working at a local level, we’re pairing farmers with our people, whose knowledge and expertise is unique to that area. Whether that’s on the farm, over the phone, on the shop floor or even behind the scenes, it ensures the best possible solutions on a farm-by-farm basis.

As our people live and work in farming communities, our teams have an in-depth understanding of local needs and can actively support farmers with solutions tailored specifically for their farms.

The collaboration of our people and farmers at a grass roots level not only brings to life the strength of the Co-operative in each region, we’re pleased to say it also has a positive effect in building stronger rural communities. And that’s good for all of us.

Our Hubs

A Farm Source hub is a place our farmers can call their own. That’s why we’ve called it ‘Our Place’.

Each hub is a local destination where our farmers can catch up with us, and other farmers. It’s the ideal place to do business, seek advice, attend conferences and seminars, use meeting rooms, access free Wi-Fi, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat. Farm Source hubs are open to the wider community, who are also welcome to use our meeting spaces and facilities.

While Farm Source’s offerings are constantly expanding and evolving, we’ve never been more focused on our stores’ purpose. And that’s to lower the cost of farm inputs and being a place where we can connect with farmers day to day.

More than ever, we’re collaborating with leading industry partners to ensure our farmers have access to the best range of competitive products and services.

Our Partnerships

Above and beyond the impressive deals we can offer on products in our hubs, our collective buying power puts us in the ideal position to negotiate bigger savings on essential farm services as well.

We’ve collaborated with key partners to provide impressive discounts across a broad spectrum of services like power, fuel, telecommunications, life insurance and more. All working together to lower on-farm costs.

With the Farm Source Rewards Card or SuperCard, you also have the convenience of one monthly bill and access to significant savings on fuel, tyres, hardware and a whole lot more.

Our Technology

Modern businesses need modern business tools – and dairy is no exception. Farm Source is leading the industry in this area, developing a comprehensive suite of digital tools and services to support farmers in their day-to-day operations.

Whether farmers want to view stats on production, manage finances, estimate milk payments, update their nitrogen reports, check tanker arrival times, or simply order supplies – they can do so from anywhere, on practically any device.

Farm Source’s digital tools and services are constantly evolving to meet farmer needs, and there are always developments in the pipeline that will continue to enhance the way farmers access, view and compare key business data.

Our Future

With their close ties to the land, it’s only natural farmers want to keep it in great shape for future generations. It’s also reassuring to know that a sustainable approach to dairy farming makes sound business sense too – at many levels.

It’s important to remember that being sustainable is more than just taking care of the physical environment. It also means making sure that farmers can sustainably produce exceptional quality milk that meets the needs of consumers and the expectations of stakeholders. That’s why we provide great on-farm support in areas like milk quality, riparian planting and animal welfare.

The future of our industry, and the communities it supports, depends on sustainability. Working together with farmers and our communities, we can continue to champion both the environment and quality milk production for the benefit of generations to come.

Our Community

At Farm Source, we wholly believe in supporting the people that support us. That’s the reason we’re building meaningful relationships with our communities, from kids’ sport clubs through to schools, environmental groups and local government.

On a larger scale, Farm Source is a key sponsor for valuable organisations like the Dairy Women’s Network, which provides professional and personal support for today’s multi-talented dairy women in our regions. In addition to that, we’re putting our support behind the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, to promote and celebrate excellence in dairying, both regionally and nationally.

The importance of personal connections in a rural environment can never be underestimated. Farm Source hubs are Our Place in each region where the Co-op and the community can come together for the benefit of all.