Company Overview

Company Overview

Farm Source helps farmers get things done by understanding their needs and delivering excellent customer experiences. With more than sixty stores nationwide, online shopping and knowledgeable staff you can count on us to deliver everything you need to run your business.

Farm Source is proud to offer farmers:

Great service and support

Our store staff can help you get what you need. Expect the same when you shop online. Most of our Farm Source team have been involved in dairy farming so they understand what it takes to successfully run your business.

When you have questions your local store team is there to help. Our new website is the same – it’s loaded with information that is easily accessed plus our Customer Service Team is also available on 0800 731 266 – check out our Contact Us page for all the ways to get in touch.

Specialised services for productivity and profit

We have more than forty dedicated Technical Sales Representatives (TSRs) who can work with you on-farm to ensure you are using the best products for your business. Our Livestock Team acts as agents for buying and selling livestock and the team hold sales and on-farm auctions year round. And if you need supplementary feed you can trust the experts at Nutrition who will recommend the best options for your herd.

Partnerships that save you money

Have a look at our partnerships offering for a list of providers of essential farm and home services who offer great prices for Farm Source customers. Our Partnership offerings include: fuel, telecommunications, power, insurance, home building and the SuperCard.

A commitment to farming that is going strong after more than one hundred years

Our heritage can be traced right back to the earliest dairy co-operatives at a time when farmers traded their milk for farm supplies. We have been part of farming businesses and farming communities from the beginning and take great pride in supporting the dairy industry which is so important to New Zealand.