Give spring sown crops and grass a good start

Give spring sown crops and grass a good start

1 September 2017

If broadleaf weeds like mallow, storksbill seedlings and nettle have compromised your spring sown crops or new grass in previous seasons, Nufarm has help at hand.

One of its recently-launched contact herbicides will help eradicate these weeds before you plant, and it won’t slow you down either.

Nail® EC contains the active ingredient carfentrazone-ethyl. This is a powerful and cost-effective tank mixing partner for WeedMaster TS540 glyphosate.

WeedMaster® TS540 glyphosate is a patented formulation containing 540 grams per litre glyphosate with a blend of both potassium and isopropylamine salts. It provides faster uptake, better efficacy and consistent results in the field.

But some weeds are not well-controlled by the glyphosate molecule, and that’s where the active ingredient in Nail EC comes into its own.

Proven and popular, it is formulated to provide faster, more effective control of tough broadleaf weeds with the added advantage of having zero plantback and grazing restrictions.

Nufarm technical specialist Paul Addison says this means when using WeedMaster TS540 plus Nail EC you can stick to the same schedule for spring sowing as you would if spraying WeedMaster alone, i.e. no withholding periods.

Other broadleaf herbicide tank mixers or spikes for glyphosate are available to remove problem weeds from paddocks prior to sowing forage crops or new pastures.

However, with some of these you have to wait up to 14 days after spraying until the soil residues dissipate enough to allow crop or grass and clover seed to be drilled.

Paul Addison says the pre-plant spray-out combination of WeedMaster TS540 and Nail EC has become especially useful for farmers who are preparing to sow fodder beet as well as other increasingly popular specialist forages.

“Nail EC is one of the few companion herbicides for glyphosate with a nil plantback for all crops, including fodder beet, chicory and plantain.

“Fodder beet seed is highly sensitive to the soil residues of many common broadleaf herbicides – for up to two years in the case of certain active ingredients.

“Yet like any crop, it is susceptible to weed competition in early establishment, so it’s important farmers have a safe option when it comes to broadening the weed spectrum of WeedMaster TS540 ahead of these crops.”

Another scenario where Nail’s nil plantback proves helpful is when farmers change their minds about what spring crop is being planted in which paddock, he says.

Nail EC has rapid foliar uptake, so it is rainfast in one hour, with fast brownout.

The tank mix of WeedMaster TS540, Nail EC and Pulse® Penetrant will control a wide range of weeds, including annual poa, bur medic, chickweed, cleavers, mallow, fathen, fumitory, hawksbeard, nettles, prairie grass, oxtongue, speedwell, wireweed and shepherds purse.

WeedMaster TS540, Nail EC and Pulse Penetrant are available from your local Fonterra Farm Source store. Talk to the team today.

®WeedMaster and Nail are registered trademarks of Nufarm Limited. Pulse is a registered trademark of Nufarm Technologies USA Pty Ltd.

Article supplied by Nufarm