Looking to eliminate the use of poisons?

Looking to eliminate the use of poisons?

1 August 2021

Pest management can be challenging on farm. There are plenty of competing food sources for pests like rats, plus the need to consider the risk of secondary poisoning if you're using baits as your control method.

Rats are smart, adaptable creatures and will make their homes where there's a regular source of food available. On farms this can be livestock feed, crops, waste and garden areas. If there's a free buffet for your rats, they're less likely to be interested in the food source inside your traps.

To combat competing food sources, the following steps can help:

  1. First, identify what food sources on your property are easily accessible to rats.
  2. Next, determine how you can cut off the rats' access to that food source. Can it be contained, removed or relocated?
  3. Can you temporarily move a food source? This will encourage rats to hunt out a new source.
  4. Is the food source seasonal? Once it runs out, this is an ideal time to trap - when they're searching for a new food source.

While rat poisons are effective on rats, it's important to consider flow-on effects through the food chain if this is the method you're using to manage rats on your property.

Using poisons to manage rats can pose a threat to other animals through 'secondary poisoning'. This is when a predator of rats - cats, dogs, hawks - eat pests killed by poison and if the level of toxicity in the pest animal is high, it will in turn harm the predator and can even cause its death.

To remove this risk, consider a non-toxic rat control solution. The Goodnature A24 Rat and Stoat Trap is non-toxic and safe to use around pets and livestock. The lure used inside the Goodnature trap is non-toxic and long-life, removing the risk of accidental secondary poisoning and reducing the need to check traps to just twice a year.

The A24 Rat & Stoat Trap is also CO2 powdered, enabling it to automatically reset 24 times, clearing itself and providing constant control against reinvading pests.

Trapping made digital with Chirp

Chirp combines with the A24 Rat & Stoat Trap to talk straight to smartphones - via Bluetooth™ and the Chirp App - letting you know how many pests you've killed when you are near the trap.

This data can help identify any patterns i.e. when you're catching rats and whether this ties back to any specific on-farm activities that could be managed differently.

Chirp also notifies you when you need to replace your lure and gas canister, so your trap will always be ready for action.

Each A24 Trap kit with Chirp comes with a trap, enough lure and CO2 to set you up for six months of trappng, rodent detection cards to help you find the best location for your trap and Chirp technology. Everything else you need to get started is in the Chirp App - available to download for free in the App Store (Apple) and via Google Play (Android).

Keen to learn more?

Goodnature traps and accessories are now available at your local Farm Source.