Protect assets from bird damage and fires

Protect assets from bird damage and fires

1 November 2016

Protecting farm assets and machinery is always a priority. But ensuring they are in top working order is especially important when finances tighten.

Birds nesting in equipment and engine bays not only bring in dirt and debris that damage your assets, but the nests themselves are also a very real fire risk.

Farmers everywhere have spent years battling this problem. Birds constantly leave droppings and debris all over machinery which, if left, eventually turns to rust. And the hay and dry grass birds use for building nests in tractors and farm vehicles are the perfect natural tinder for starting a fire.

Birds are also high risk pests to food processing operations such as milking sheds. Because faeces in the milking shed and on the milk and air lines is a hygiene and health issue, the presence of birds in these areas is treated very seriously. Calf sheds are another high risk area because salmonella is a very real concern when rearing calves. Farmers are often forced to spend lots of money on pest control systems that don’t work, are toxic or only work for as long as it takes the animals to figure out another way! Many methods used to repel birds are either time consuming or ineffective, or both.

This is definitely not the case with Wingo Bird Repellent, which can deter birds for up to two years when used in covered areas. Birds don’t like the feel of the gel on their claws and the cinnamon smell acts as a reminder that the gel is still active, deterring the birds long-term. For tractors, Wingo can be applied to the tops of the mirrors, the hydraulic hoses, along the crest of the bonnet and anywhere else the birds sit.

But aside from being useful on the farm, there are many uses for Wingo in residential areas. It can be used in trees and on branches to protect nearby cars and buildings and on guttering, roofs and TV aerials around the house. Wingo can be used anywhere birds are a nuisance!

Wingo can be applied in small quantities as needed and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been left unused, the gel always squirts out as good as new.

For more information about Wingo Bird Repellent, talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source Technical Sales Rep or visit your Farm Source or RD1 store.

Article supplied by Shoof International Ltd