Tasty but deadly

Tasty but deadly

29 March 2019

As temperatures start to cool, rodents start their migration to escape the cold and seek warmer spots to call home. They become more visible; spoiling food, spreading disease and causing damage by fouling and gnawing.

Whether they invade your home, the dairy or implement shed, the damage rats and mice cause can be costly.

Plan your attack before rodents infest your place by choosing an effective bait and a suitable bait station. Be particularly vigilant during autumn when the cool and wet weather arrives as this drives the first wave of rodents indoors seeking shelter and food. There are a few key points to consider before making your selection:

Fact No 1

Rats and mice prefer fresh, high-quality foods and will reject spoiled or low palatability foods when given a choice, so bait selection is important.


PestOff Rodent Blocks are a highly palatable bait suitable for eradicate rats and mice. The chocolate flavoured lure entices them to eat enough bait so that a single feed is a lethal dose.

All PestOff bait is made fresh in New Zealand.


Make sure rodents do not have easy access to alternative food sources such as stock feed, garbage or human food scraps.

Fact No 2

For effective eradication a robust and lockable bait station is recommended to provide a waterproof ‘house’ while the rodents consume the bait.


The PestOff range contains two bait stations, aptly named the Dead Rat Café and the Departure Lounge. Both stations keep the PestOff Rodent Block securely in place so rodents cannot remove it. Using a bait station protects non-target species and the environment, while keeping bait fresh and dry.


Do not handle bait with your bare hands when baiting your stations. Rodents are so suspicious of human scent they may avoid baits that have been handled. Gloves are recommended.

Fact No 3

In rural regions rodent numbers are often more challenging so more bait stations are required to achieve control.


Lay up to five PestOff bait stations per 100 square metres for heavy and localised infestation. In areas with light infestation, place one Dead Rat Cafe per 100 square metres


Maintain fresh baits by checking and replacing them every two to three days initially, and then every week or two.


To protect non-target animals from secondary poisoning, collect any dead rodent bodies and burn or bury them. Spoiled or unwanted bait should be disposed of in a similar manner.

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For more information on PestOff rodent control visit your local Farm Source store.