An everyday calf superfood for super calves

An everyday calf superfood for super calves

1 July 2019

A superfood is defined as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellbeing”.

Fiber Fresh calf feeds epitomise this definition and have been proven through scientific research and trials* to be calf superfoods.

Fiber Fresh calf superfoods are rich in highly-digestible, natural forage fibre and rumen-degradable protein.

This provides the ideal superfood for fibre-degrading rumen micro-organisms to quickly flourish, setting up the rumen for its future pasture diet.

Fibre lengths, texture and bulk boosts early muscular development, capacity and strength of the rumen to handle bulky pasture.

Rumen fermentation of this unique forage fibre releases rapidly-available energy in the form of high concentrations of volatile fatty acids, and particularly butyrate; the driver of rumen papillae development, rumen wall metabolism and whole-body metabolism. So, calves fed Fiber Fresh establish adult-like rumen fermentation patterns sooner.*

Soft, moist, palatable fibre encourages early effective chewing and ruminating behaviour.

Together, these factors ensure calves fed Fiber Fresh are grass-ready in seven weeks and can prevent a weaning growth check when the calf transitions from milk to pasture. Fiber Fresh calf superfoods are also a rich natural source of highly-available minerals (especially calcium) and vitamins; Fiber Gain especially provides uniquely-processed barley grain for added energy and phosphorous. These minerals and vitamins support all body processes, bone and tissue growth and the rapid digestibility of starch in Fiber Gain complements slower-release energy from forage fibre, providing sustained high levels of energy for rumen microbes and calf body processes.

Calves given these feeds have a smooth and steady growth curve to reach weaning targets and then continue to grow throughout their transition to pasture and beyond.

Fiber Fresh everyday calf superfoods are beneficial for health and wellbeing (comfort, health and happiness).

Fiber Fresh calf feeds provide a crucial buffer to optimise the rumen pH and rumen fermentation to prevent acidosis of the rumen and hind gut. Sub-clinical acidosis occurs as a result of high grain feeding and is a major factor in limiting appetite and growth of calves and can cause scouring and contribute to poor immunity.

Soft, moist forage fibres prevent damage or ulceration to the calf’s mouth, oesophagus and stomach caused by dry, sharp grains, chaffs and hay.

Effective immunity requires vitamins, which also act as antioxidants to protect against disease.

Without continuous access to nutritious forage fibre, a calf’s natural behavioural expression and wellbeing can be compromised. They can become unhappy, leading to unwanted behaviours such as consumption of bedding, wood or chewing tails.

Fiber Fresh calf superfoods should be fed every day from day one of the rearing process, because it takes six weeks of high-quality, digestible forage consumption to develop the rumen for pasture. A calf’s solid feed intake is an exponential curve, regardless of type of solid feed. Calves eat very little in the first two weeks, so every mouthful counts. If calves do not eat enough highly-digestible forage fibre before they get put out to pasture, it will take another six weeks before they are able to digest pasture effectively.

*Milk Production from Pasture, Holmes et al 2nd Edition and McCoard et al 2019 from the Journal of Dairy Science.

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