AgriSea Dairy Farm Nutrition Solutions now available at Farm Source

AgriSea Dairy Farm Nutrition Solutions now available at Farm Source

27 February 2021

Farm Source and AgriSea – a company specialising in the manufacture of seaweed for soil, plant, and animal health – have joined forces, meaning AgriSea's dairy farm nutrition solutions are now available from Farm Source stores nationwide.

Just off Paeroa’s main state highway, in the old Silver Fern factory, is a New Zealand business quietly creating an impact. AgriSea and its products – made organically from a species of New Zealand seaweed – are having an enormous impact on the dairying, drystock, horticulture, apiculture and viticulture enterprises that are using them.

AgriSea brews liquid seaweed concentrates from the native species Ecklonia radiata, which it collects sustainably from the shores of remote coastal New Zealand. Their products offer dairy farmers a complex nutrition solution that can not only benefit a farm’s animals, but also the environment and business profitability.

Stuart Luxton, Organic Supply Manager at Farm Source, is thrilled with the new collaboration.

“Being involved with the growing Fonterra Organic Programme, it is really exciting to see the partnership between AgirSea and Farm Source Stores. Having the range of AgriSea products available through our stores allows our farmers, both organic and conventional to have access to a range of biological solutions for plants and animals that can benefit the environment.”

Clare Bradley, Science Research and Development General Manager at AgriSea, shares Stuart’s enthusiasm.

“We have a team of 34 staff scattered across the country and will be working alongside Farm Source to support farmers and the journey of transition.”

Clare was recognised as the supreme winner of the 2019 Rural Woman of the Year for her commitment to harnessing the potential of New Zealand's sustainable resources. She is very passionate about AgriSea and their products and enjoys working with what she calls “the country's most innovative and forward-thinking farmers who really take their role as kaitiaki (guardians) seriously”.

Clare sees significant value in dairy farmers working with Farm Source and AgriSea.

“AgriSea products help dairy farmers increase the quality of their feed, by increasing the nutrient density in their feed. The biggest benefit for a dairy cow is an increase in their animal health status,” she says.

“When animals go through stress (which can impact both production and reproduction), whether that's through mating, milking or heat stress, you really want to bolster the system – we do that through antioxidants. When an animal has a high antioxidant status, it can resist a lot of stress and disease. With AgriSea’s dairy farm nutrition solutions farmers have found a real reduction in animal health costs due to the reduction in disease.”

To find out more about AgriSea products talk to your Technical Sales Representative.