Down Cows -Get them up and keep them up

Down Cows -Get them up and keep them up

28 July 2019

A quick return to milking is the aim when treating cows that go down with milk fever, or milk fever complicated by grass staggers or ketosis. Initial treatment is typically fast and immediately effective; however the chance of relapse remains a risk, extending recovery time, increasing labour and reducing milk in the vat. Relapse affects at least 30-35% of cows offered only first-line treatment.1

Watch this short animation about dairy farmer Bruce who knows he can’t always prevent a cow going down, but with the right treatment plan, the risk of relapse can be minimised.

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Article supplied by Bayer

1Thilsing-Hansen T, Jorgensen RJ, Ostergaard S: Milk fever control principles: A review. Acta vet.scand. 2002, 43, 1-19.