Metabolics – the basics

Metabolics – the basics

6 June 2018

During a cows transition period, careful management is required to ensure they transition well. This involves ensuring cows achieve recommended body condition at the end of the previous lactation (drying off), adequate nutrition through the dry period, careful transitioning of the diet and availability of minerals at appropriate times. Despite these efforts, many cows will still develop metabolic problems.

The three most common metabolic diseases are milk fever, grass staggers and ketosis. Each can happen individually or all at once. They can severely reduce milk production, and may be life-threatening if not treated quickly. That’s why Bayer created their range of metabolic solutions. They’re formulated to give cows the minerals and energy they need to get back in balance.

In this short clip, NZ Veterinarian Matt Avery discusses the common metabolic diseases and treatments that are available with dairy farmer Brian Gallagher.

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Article supplied by Bayer