The cost of getting it right

The cost of getting it right

1 July 2019

Addressing metabolic issues, poor milk production, infertility, high somatic cell counts and diseases in dairy cows is paramount for productive cows that continue to turn up each season.

If metabolic issues are not addressed, there is a risk other issues or diseases will arise due to the animal’s ill-health. Sick animals are less likely to want to get back in-calf and produce milk to their potential.

The stress of dealing with unwell animals is costly and time-consuming for staff during one of the busiest times on a farm, calving. Their attention goes to the animals suffering from disease while behind the scenes there can be animals with subclinical cases which are also costing production.

Bell-Booth’s IntenSE240 formulation has been developed to rectify the trace element deficiencies that cause some ill-health problems. Concentrated levels of selenium, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, boron and sodium help build the cow’s reserves resulting in healthier animals that deliver better results.

Many herds walk a fine line between maximum production and optimal health so effective trace element supplementation is actually an important consideration all season, not just prior to critical events like calving and mating.

The ‘little and often’ strategy of dosing IntenSE240 daily via a Dosatron inline dispenser, drench gun or feed-wagon takes a proactive approach to animal health rather than waiting for problems to surface.

One of the most important jobs on any dairy farm is to get cows back in-calf and the cost of an IntenSE240 trace element programme is inexpensive compared to unwell cows. The first step is to focus on addressing metabolic and ill-health issues, build liver reserves of the essential trace elements and support the herd through calving and mating events.

For more information on IntenSE240 trace elements talk to your local Farm Source TSR or visit your local Farm Source store.

Article supplied by Bell-Booth Ltd