Worm protection for young stock this autumn

1 April 2017

Young cattle are constantly challenged by parasites and the greatest impact occurs in the calf’s first year of life. Symptoms range from mild subclinical lowered weight gain through to clinical ill-thrift and occasional death when associated with another disease.

Target live weights are important for young calves to achieve their potential and no time of year is more challenging than autumn. There are numerous reasons for this, including feed quality and disease, but the biggest challenge is parasites. Surviving in the faeces over the summer, parasite numbers build before exploding onto the short autumn pasture when environmental conditions are ideal for pasture survival.

Overall, the Ostertagia species are the most production-limiting parasite in cattle but, in autumn, the intestinal species of Trichostrongylus and Cooperia come into their own due to massive pasture contamination related to the adult parasite’s formidable egg-laying ability.

Cooperia may be the least pathogenic species of the big three parasites but has evolved under drench exposure and become resistant to the most effective and commonly used macrocyclic lactone (ML) or “mectin” group of drenches (Abamectin, Doramectin, Eprinomectin and Moxidectin). This resistance is extremely widespread nationally and, as a result, Cooperia outlives other parasites and affects performance by reducing appetite, thus resulting in changes to grazing behaviour and lowered feed intake.

To combat both the high worm challenge and Cooperia resistance, a combination drench such as Outlaw Pour-on is extremely effective. The Levamisole component targets the intestinal parasites and Cooperia while the Abamectin takes care of the Ostertagia (which can evade the short-acting Levamisole component by burrowing into the stomach wall).

Outlaw Pour-on combination is ideally suited for easy application and offers young cattle protection from the major internal, production-limiting parasites including ML-resistant Cooperia species.

Outlaw Combination Pour-on

  • Contains Abamectin and Levamisole
  • Effective against all important internal production-limiting worms
  • Effective against ML resistant Cooperia species
  • Ideal for all non-lactating cattle >120kg
  • Also treats and controls sucking lice

Dose rate: 1 millilitre (mL) per 20 kilogram (kg) bodyweight

Withholding period: Meat and milk; 42days

Pack sizes: 2.5 litre (L) and 6.5L backpacks

For more information on Outlaw, talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source TSR or visit your local Farm Source or RD1 store.

Article supplied by Bayer NZ Ltd