GEA FIL Colostrum Marking System

GEA FIL Colostrum Marking System

25 June 2018

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Having a clear and simple animal marking strategy is best practice for really effective herd management. The key is to ensure your whole team, including relief staff, are using the same marking system. With calving just around the corner, clearly identify colostrum cows will be key at a very busy time of year. Colostrum cows must be withheld from the milking herd for eight milkings (four days). Heifers should be withheld for 10 milkings – this is because colostrum milk may contain dry cow therapy residue.

GEA FIL have identified 3 ways to mark colostrum cows. All of the systems work well, decide which one to implement on farm and communicate that to everyone on the team.

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