Make calf rearing easy with StockMate

Make calf rearing easy with StockMate

28 May 2020

There is no doubt that the calving period is a very tiring and often stressful time for dairy farmers. Difficulties can come from a myriad of sources, including calving troubles; downer cows; milk fever; mastitis; and machinery break downs. The weather can also provide challenges. Among all this, the last thing you want is sickness going through your calf pens and compromising your future milkers.

StockMate is a 100% natural product and certified organic. It is high in carbon (C) and humic acid, helping to boost the immune system of growing calves and assist them in fighting disease. It is a loose lick, which is left as a free choice supplement in calf pens.

StockMate has been making life easier calf rearers for some time now by helping to keep sickness out of calf sheds. It's something Johan and Michelle Roos, two of the many farmers using StockMate, have experienced first-hand.

Michelle, who looks after the calves, says:

"I leave StockMate in each pen to enable ad-lib feeding, which they do happily. I add it on top of their water supply, and they get into drinking water the same day. I haven't bought electrolytes or Scourban for three seasons now, and I do not use antibiotics either. I am a solo calf rearer for two farms (350-400 heifers) and have no trouble with rotavirus or any other gut-related diseases, on a property with a history of seasonal outbreaks. I have seen StockMate detox, hydrate, break fever, perk up, encourage water intake and keep calves' tummies firm. I strongly suspect it helps with their rumen development as well due to my heifers increasingly reaching earlier weaning weights."

Michelle's observations support evidence that StockMate supports immune system receptors in the gut lining, and forms a protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract to prevent excessive water loss.

And it's not only calves that benefit from StockMate as Johan has experienced it helping cows as well.

He uses StockMate during spring calving when the somatic cell count is high.

"I top the palm kernel trailer with a bag of it every day for about three weeks. The StockMate brings the cell count right down and keeps it down every time. I have no troubles getting the cows to eat it," Johan says.

Having StockMate available to your calves from day one helps to prevent sickness from getting a foothold in your calves. Why not make life easier for you and your calf rearers this spring and put StockMate in your calf pens. It's totally natural and organically certified for organic dairy farmers.

For more information on StockMate, talk to your local TSR.

Article supplied by Southern Humates