Peach Teats help calves grow from day one

Peach Teats help calves grow from day one

24 May 2018

If there’s one piece of rubberware that can make or break your season, it’s the humble calf teat.

Teaching calves to drink – and making sure they get a good feed every time – is often easier said than done, especially with newborn, weak or sick calves.

You can make the job simpler with Peach Teats from Skellerup NZ. As far as your calves are concerned nothing else replicates the real thing better because Peach Teats are carefully designed to give a full mouthful of milk with less effort.

The secret lies hidden inside each teat, in the shape of a non-return valve which keeps the chamber of the teat full with milk while calves are drinking.

It’s much easier for calves to feed this way – all they have to do is bite down and the milk squirts straight out onto the tongue and the roof of the mouth, encouraging them to keep drinking.

When calves use teats that don’t have a non-return valve inside, milk often ends up back in the feeder rather than inside the calf, which in turn means a daily struggle to gain weight and stay healthy.

When a group of calves is feeding through Peach Teats each one gets all the milk they need so they don’t bunt or jostle each other.

The non-return valve never closes in its relaxed state, so it cannot be blocked. It is designed to function like a real cow’s teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling.

In fact, Peach Teats are one of the only teats on the market that can be milked with a milking machine, like a real cow.

Newborn, weak or sick calves often don’t have the energy to suck enough milk through a teat without a valve or sunken nipple end. This is one reason Peach Teats have been a best-seller for more than 20 years.

Another reason? They are easy to clean. Plus, you can use them on nearly any calf feeder available. With the Peach Teat EasyFit Adapator, the teats will fit all pull-through feeders with three-quarter-inch holes.

For more information on Skellerup Peach Teats and EasyFit Adaptors, contact your local Farm Source TSR or visit us in-store.

Article supplied by Skellerup