Trust Ancalf to give your calves a head start, every season.

Trust Ancalf to give your calves a head start, every season.

23 April 2019

Set your calves up for optimum health and productivity with high quality nutrition.

The cornerstone of any good dairy or dry stock operation is the health and productivity of your animals. NZAgbiz’s premium CMR Ancalf has been used on New Zealand farms since 1966 and is trusted by generations of farmers. Optimum nutrition is the key to rearing healthy, productive and profitable replacement heifer and beef calves. It all starts with the abomasum, or the true stomach, where only milk is digested early in the calf’s life before the rumen develops enough to extract nutrients from concentrated feeds and pasture.

Planning your feeding regime early is an investment in growing strong, healthy calves.

Cutting corners and costs in calf nutrition can limit the productivity of your future dairy herd, or prevent beef calves from reaching their full weight potential, even risking infection or disease.

Using Ancalf gives you the peace of mind of knowing your calves are consistently receiving the right amount of nutrients they need, every day.

The feeding management of milk or a high-quality milk replacer like Ancalf and the early introduction of concentrated feed is crucial to effective rumen development.

Colostrum followed by CMR is increasingly the go-to plan for dairy and dry stock calf-rearing farmers. The immunoglobulins (IgGs) in colostrum build a calf’s immune system and provide essential antibodies to fight against harmful bacteria, viruses and foreign bodies. It’s why colostrum from the calf’s mother, or high-quality stored colostrum is fed in the calf’s first 24 hours. Because the calf’s stomach wall isn’t fully-formed, antibodies can pass through into the bloodstream. If cow’s colostrum is not available, NZAgbiz Jumpstart will give them what they need – a high-quality colostrum powder with the essential levels of IgGs.

From day two until day four, colostrum should be fed in conjunction with a milk diet. Milk can be from the mother, stored high-quality whole milk, or a premium calf milk replacer (CMR) like New Zealand-made Ancalf.

Made from quality dairy ingredients, including whole milk fat, Ancalf contains a high content of casein protein which curds in the calf’s stomach for optimal digestion, and is a complete and consistent milk diet through to weaning.

To find out more about the NZAgbiz CMR range of products, go to or talk to your local Farm Source TSR or store.

Article supplied by NZAgbiz