Your feet will thank you

Your feet will thank you

1 July 2020

A gumboot is so much more than “just a gumboot”, and for your feet’s sake it’s a conversation worth having, says Skellerup’s Group General Manager of Footwear, Paul Randall.

Skellerup has been New Zealand’s home of gumboots for over seven decades. It’s a responsibility the Christchurch company takes seriously. And, while its Red Band gumboot remains unquestionably New Zealand’s most popular “mud conqueror”, there is much more to Skellerup than this iconic gumboot.

Built to last

All Skellerup gumboots are assembled by hand and made from high-specification rubber formulations which ensure they are long-lasting, hard-wearing and incredibly comfortable. Natural rubber offers the best thermal protection in cold weather, without compromising flexibility. It’s also durable and holds up to punctures and cuts better than competing materials, while a rubber sole gives the safest grip on most surface types, and is 100 percent waterproof, Paul says.

The natural rubber is resistant to alcohols, bases and acids, and with an optional steel cap and/or steel plate, the complete range of gumboots is appropriate for even the most hazardous workplaces.

Every pair of Skellerup gumboots is tested against leaking, visually inspected for cosmetic blemishes and physically inspected in known wear areas to make sure the boot has been built to last.

Quatro is the premium choice

The company’s premium all-round gumboot is undoubtedly the Quatro.

Describing it as the “Rolls-Royce of the gumboot world”, Paul says once farmers push their feet in, they rarely want any other gumboot.

The Quatro features thermal properties, with a unique ankle-locking feature that negates heel slip and gives ankle support. With insulated to lightweight linings, a range of knee-length to calf-length and a safety toe, there is a Quatro gumboot for every application.

4 x 4 made for all farming situations

The 4 x 4 is perfect for performance, safety and comfort on farm. It features a 100 percent cotton canvas lining. A feature is the rubber-ribbed band across the top of the foot, which is also around the ankle for additional protection and wear resistance on a bike.

It is available in calf and knee-length with a heavy-duty, removable, cushioned polyurethane inner sole with built-in arch support. It also has a moulded and thicker tractor-tread outsole for additional grip in the field and superior wear.

A proud past, a bright future

Paul says Skellerup is proud of the company’s legacy making quality gumboots for Kiwis to live, work and play in.

“We continue to challenge our design and manufacturing teams to make sure Skellerup has the answer for all Kiwis when they consider their gumboot choices,” he says.

To find your perfect pair of Skellerup gumboots, visit your local Farm Source store today.

Article supplied by Skellerup Industries Ltd