Farm Source and AgriSea Sustainable Coastlines promotion pays off

Farm Source and AgriSea Sustainable Coastlines promotion pays off

1 July 2021

Following a campaign with AgriSea, Farm Source is proud to be contributing $15,000 to Sustainable Coastlines’ mission to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love.

Earlier this year, Farm Source and AgriSea teamed up for the good of New Zealand’s coastlines and waterways with Farm Source committing $100 to Sustainable coastlines for every $100 spent on AgriSea dairy farm nutrition at Farm Source.

“Thank you so much to our farmers who got behind the promotion,” says Race Louden, Head of Marketing at Farm Source. “We are so excited by the potential of the funds to have a positive impact and help nurture our coastlines and waterways.”

Specifically, the funds raised will contribute to Sustainable Coastlines’ ‘Love Your Water’ programme that supports communities’ work to restore their waterways. “We’re grateful to everyone that took part in this campaign,” says Sustainable Coastlines CEO Josh Borthwick. “The $15,000 raised is enough to plant 1,250 seedlings and monitor and maintain them for one year — you did that.”

Josh adds farmers can continue to make positive impacts by choosing kinder products (like AgriSea), planting trees, and learning about their local waterways.

“A great place to start is by getting together with your kids and the wider community and learning about your local waterways — where they come from and what larger rivers they feed. Understanding what species live in those waters is also a great motivation for keeping them clean,” Josh says. “While we may not be out enjoying our beaches and rivers so much in winter, we can definitely still look after them. For tree planting especially, winter is optimal as there is more moisture in the ground and the sun isn’t so harsh, giving our newly planted native seedlings the best chance of survival.”

AgriSea supports Sustainable Coastlines’ mission with AgriSea director Clare Bradley saying the company focuses on stewardship from the ridge to the reef. “We look at both the environmental care from ridges to reefs but also the productivity of them.”

On the ground at Fieldays, Clare shares that farmers visiting the AgriSea site were reporting how they have found AgriSea‘s dairy farm nutrition solutions to be helping them reach profitability and sustainability goals.

“That’s because AgriSea increases feed utilisation by releasing locked-up nutrients.” The increase in nutrients is also seen in the soil, with AgriSea improving the structures and fertility of soil to provide optimum uptake of minerals and nutrients,” Clare explains. “Farmers who use AgriSea say their root depth in pasture is increasing, fertility is great and the quality of the feed on offer is beautiful,” adds Clare.

Importantly, farmers say they “feel they are doing the right thing to leave their farms in a better condition for future generations”. “It’s important people realise farmers do really care about the environment, they love the land and waterways and they work with them every day – They too are stewards of the environment,” continues Clare.

“Farm Source’s partnership with AgriSea is giving farmers a sustainable solution that aligns with the way farms are operating now, and in the future, which is something we are very proud of,” Race concludes.