Fonterra's Digital Farm Insights continues to evolve

Fonterra's Digital Farm Insights continues to evolve

1 May 2022

Fonterra's Digital Farm Insights are continuing to evolve to help identify opportunities on farm.

The second season of Digital Farm Insights sees further developments to highlight potential opportunities for on-farm efficiency gains in environmental performance, milk efficiency and animal health, says Matt Randal, Fonterra Environmental Programme Lead.

He says Digital Farm Insights use information from the Farm Dairy Records and continue to tap into the wealth of on-farm information, such as Farm Dairy Assessments, Milk Vat Monitoring and Milk Production and Quality results to provide insights that are unique to Fonterra suppliers.

"And for our customers, these insights are a key component in supporting our Co-operative's 'Trusted Goodness' market claims. Fonterra and its shareholders are continually looking for ways to become even more efficient as a sustainability leader in the industry."

Matt says another major advantage to the Digital Farm Insights is that farmers don't have to wait until the beginning of spring to receive their PDF copy - Digital Farm Insights are available as soon as farmers submit their Farm Dairy Records, enabling farmers to action on more timely information.

Farm Dairy Records opened for online submission on May 1st and under the Terms of Supply must be submitted before July 31st 2022.

Farmers can also re-submit their Farm Dairy Records if they spot any errors in their Digital Farm Insights, however part of the qualification for the Co-operative Difference Payment of seven cents per kilogram of milksolids (kgMS) requires farmers to submit their final and accurate Farm Dairy Records by June 30th 2022.

Additions to this year's Digital Farm Insights include:

  • Animal Insights - Estimates on how heat stress, lameness and mastitis could be financially impacting your farm
  • Milk Quality - Shows how a reduction in somatic cell count (SCC) can boost milk production
  • Milking efficiency - Provides farmers information on milking efficiency and if farms may have an opportunity to save time at milking
  • Greenhouse gas emissions - This season farmers can receive an additional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment for their Total Farm Area by supplying extra information in their Farm Dairy Records about animals and practices on their Support Land / Run-off

Digital Farm Insights will continue to evolve Matt says, with benchmarking being currently developed. Farmers will be able to see how they compare to others in their region for various metrics, such as Purchased Nitrogen Surplus and Fertiliser Efficiency.

Matt recommends getting in touch with your local Farm Source team if you want to turn your insights into environmental, animal and milk quality results.

"The insights are conversation starters. Farming systems are complex with different factors and there is no one-size fits-all recommendation," Matt says. "Get in touch with the team to start building more efficiency into your farming operations."