Genesis to help farmers save money exclusively through Farm Source

Genesis to help farmers save money exclusively through Farm Source

23 May 2019

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Farm Source is committed to helping lower on farm costs like energy, and have formed a partnership with Genesis.

For Dairy, a new Genesis Energy plan only available through Farm Source, has been specifically developed to help lower farmers’ milking shed energy costs.

The new plan lets farmers pay less for power when they’re using the most.

James Magill, Genesis’ Executive General Manager Customer and Innovation, says For Dairy, developed in collaboration with dairy farmers, is a New Zealand-first.

"For Dairy has been designed and developed with dairy farmers, for dairy farmers. When we looked at their energy profile, we could see the bulk of their electricity use through the milking shed was at off-peak and shoulder periods – early mornings and late afternoons," explains Magill.

This meant farmers were paying standard electricity rates even though their usage was far from standard.

"For Dairy matches how dairy farmers use energy. We believe that our plan could save dairy farmers a significant amount – anywhere between 5% and 25% off their previous milking shed annual electricity bill. That’s potentially money saved that could be redirected into other parts of the farm.

"We’ve created a tool which can graph and forecast a dairy farmer’s electricity use; and their savings over a specific billing period and over the course of a year. Genesis’ For Dairy plan will give subscribers valuable information about seasonal variations and usage patterns during a typical milking day on the farm," says Magill.

The tool can also let farmers see how shifting their load slightly may potentially reduce their electricity spend.

"Load shifting is a simple tweak that could help dairy farmers gain more value from the electricity they use. Load shifting means you use the same amount of electricity, but at a different, less expensive time of day. Doing this can generate savings," says Magill.

Genesis will also give dairy farmers greater transparency by splitting out the network charges from the energy charges.

For Dairy is only available to Fonterra farmers who have a milking shed meter of any type and is exclusively available through Farm Source. To find out more see or phone Genesis on 0800 436 048