Farm Source embraces the circular economy with fence posts made from recycled milk bottles

Farm Source embraces the circular economy with fence posts made from recycled milk bottles

23 July 2019

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The concept of the circular economy has gained traction recently and it’s certainly alive and well in the rural sector too.

In a circular economy, the lifecycle of products is maximised and waste is minimised. Fonterra is moving towards a circular economy and will stop sending solid waste to landfill by 2025.

To help achieve these targets, the co-op has teamed up with Waiuku-based start-up company, Future Post, to recycle Anchor Light milk bottles and other plastics into fence posts which are now available from Farm Source stores. With the Future Post partnership, the circle is complete; milk goes from the farm to the consumer and the milk packaging comes back to the farm as a long-lasting and environmentally-friendly fencing option for farmers.

The idea for a fence post made from plastic came to Future Post’s founder Jerome Wenzlick one day while he was installing a new fence line on an old rubbish dump. The waste plastic in the ground was breaking the posts he was ramming and he thought ‘there has to be a better use for this waste’. And so the Future Post journey began for the Kopu dairy farmer and qualified diesel mechanic. With a passion for the environment, Jerome knew if he could make a stronger fence post from waste plastic, he’d also be helping solve a bigger environmental problem.

Future Post fence posts are produced in Waiuku and are made from Fonterra Brands’ milk bottles and other soft plastics from stores that are members of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme.

Future Post fence posts do not require insulators, they don’t split or rot, and they last a long time. They are ideal for riparian planting as there is no leaching of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treatment. Future Posts are pointed and come in two sizes, 100 mm and 125mm, and in 1.8 metre, and 2.4 metre lengths. The posts are solid, take a 40mm x 4mm staple and come in one colour scheme – all black.

Visit your local Farm Source store to find out more about using Future Posts in your next riparian plant out.

Article supplied by Future Post