Monitor and control your fence performance

Monitor and control your fence performance

25 March 2019

Gallagher Animal Management Marketing Manager Mark Harris describes the i Series electric fence system as the biggest advance in electric fencing since the mid-1990s.

“Good electric fencing is critical to the successful operation of any pastoral farm, so the aim of the i Series is to give farmers the assurance their fences are doing the job they were put there to do,” says Mark.

Featuring advanced fence monitoring technology, the i Series Energizer highlights Gallagher’s ongoing commitment to solving the daily challenges of farming.

The intelligent i Series electric fence system includes the Energizer and separate Energizer Controller and is compatible with a host of accessories to create the ultimate monitoring and fault-finding system.

The weatherproof Energizer Controller is connected to the Energizer via a 3 metre (m) cable and can be mounted outside for ease of view at any time. This enables the farmer to monitor the condition of the fence and performance of the Energizer from a more conveniently-accessed location.

“Energizers are often hidden away in the back of a shed and not easily monitored which can lead to uncertainty about fence performance. The Energizer Controller solves this issue,” says Mark.

The controller can be used to turn the Energizer on or off, set alarm thresholds, and adjust the target output voltage.

When it comes to finding and fixing faults quickly and efficiently, the i Series range makes life much easier. Monitors can be placed in strategic locations along the fence-line, dividing a fence system into zones to make it quicker and easier to locate a fault.

“The fence monitors deliver so much more information to the farmer. It’s like having people out on your farm in strategic locations constantly measuring the current and voltage of your fence and reporting the information back to you,” says Mark.

The i Series Remote and Fault Finder provides the farmer with the ability to control the Energizer remotely so they don’t waste time returning to turn it off or on when they want to fix a fault. “If you are at one end of the farm fixing a fault, the last thing you want to do is drive all the way back to the Energizer.”

To enhance remote monitoring even further, i Series Energizers are now compatible with the new Dashboard Fence app. Dashboard Fence connects to the Energizer though an i Series WiFi Gateway and enables full control of the electric fence system on a smartphone. This allows you to monitor the fence, turn the fence on and off, and even receive notifications when there is a fault, all from your smartphone.

For more information on Gallagher i Series talk to your local Farm Source TSR or visit your local Farm Source store.

Article supplied by Gallagher