Not all gates are created equal

Not all gates are created equal

1 July 2019

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When it comes to reliable, fit-for-purpose solutions, the team at Greyson Gates understands these are key aspects for making farm life easier and more profitable.

Greyson Gates has a proud history of researching, designing and manufacturing gates and gate hardware to a high standard and this has now been cemented with a new five-year warranty.

For Gate Hardware Manager, Ian Richards, setting benchmarks for excellence has been top of mind since his grandfather – John Richards Senior – started Franklin Machinery Exchange in the South Auckland suburb of Pukekohe in 1941.

“My grandfather’s business started in the second-hand machinery space and in the 1950s began to diversify into making farming products such as pig troughs and cow shed bales,” Ian explains. “At the time our family owned a farm so product development was carried out in a practical real-life setting.

“Seeing a need for quality metal products, by 1960 the business further diversified into developing frame gates and gate hardware,” he adds.

To deliver on customer expectations, that also required an investment into people and machinery.

“When we’re designing and making gates and gate hardware in Pukekohe, we think a lot about New Zealand’s farming landscape - our coastal communities, areas prone to corrosion, not to mention the Kiwi DIY mentality of doing gate installation ourselves,” Ian explains. “That meant we’ve always had a strong desire to have control over the complete manufacturing process, which led to the installation of a zinc electro-plating plant, and later a hot dip galvanising plant so our output could consistently deliver what was needed,” says Ian.

Continuous improvement, fresh thinking and an innovative undercurrent saw Gallagher purchase Franklin Machinery in 1994.

“The shift to Gallagher led to a number of benefits, including leveraging the skills of a network of manufacturing and rural specialists. Being part of an international brand brings useful benefits for customers too – and that’s who we’re dedicated to,” says Ian.

Those benefits include a team of farm and lifestyle specialists throughout New Zealand who are on hand to provide support and advice on gates and gate hardware, plus the full range of Gallagher products and best practice farming advice.

Today, the Greyson range of gates includes eight gate models to suit a wide range of farming situations.

“Ever since the start, we considered design to be critical in the success of our products and a number of our designs have come directly through working with farmers. All of our equipment is made and maintained by our in-house engineers who uphold a high level of quality control so we’re producing gates and gate hardware that’s made to last and represents value for money due to the design and materials used in manufacture,” Ian adds.

“We’ve come a long way in our manufacturing processes. Gate frames need to stand the test of time, so the hollow structures are punched for venting and are submerged in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 460 degrees Celsius.”

This method of hot dip galvanising is considered the best form of corrosion protection.

“The process itself means the product is galvanised on the internal surfaces of the pipe, as well as the outside. This protective coating provides excellent corrosion resistance for exposure in the toughest conditions,” Ian explains.

And that’s not the only way the team ensures world-leading quality.

“All outputs are checked for accuracy against drawings and testing jigs. It’s something we’ve done for the past 60 years, and will continue to do for the next 60 years to ensure we’re delivering for our customers,” Ian concludes.

Greyson gates can be found at your local Farm Source store and now come with a market-leading five-year warranty.