Quality fencing wire that's Kiwi to the core

Quality fencing wire that's Kiwi to the core

1 April 2017

Fonterra Farm Source stores stock the full range of NZ Wire conventional fencing products including fencing wire, nails, staples, fabricated fence, barbed wire, chain-link and accessories.

NZ Wire products are designed and manufactured to suit New Zealand conditions. All wire is tested for compliance against New Zealand standards and all products are backed by a ‘no hassles’ guarantee.

The Country Mile heavy galvanized wire is an economical alternative to zinc alloy coated wire.

This high tensile wire is coated with a layer of 100% zinc at 260 grams per square metre and complies to NZ fencing standard NZS 3471:1974.

Fence coils are coiled locally from imported wire and are suitable for inland and low corrosion applications NZ Wire 2-Life and 4-Life fencing wire is manufactured in New Zealand by Pacific Wire using an alloy coating that is 95% zinc and 5% aluminium which has either double or quadruple the life of 100% zinc coated wire.

All fence coils manufactured by Pacific Wire are vanadium enhanced, comply with New Zealand Fencing standard NZS 3471:1974 and are covered by the Wiremark guarantee.

Hispan 2 Life Wire has a 130-gram zinc/alloy coating, which delivers twice the life of 100% zinc coated wire. It is suitable for inland and mildly corrosive environments where there is a light marine, thermal or copper/sulphur influence.

Hispan 4 Life, which has a heavier 260-gram zinc/alloy coat-weight, provides four times the life of 100% zinc coated wire. Manufactured for marine, coastal and other high corrosion areas, it is especially suitable for thermal or industrial areas as well the horticulture and viticulture industries where copper/sulphur sprays are used.

For more information on the range of NZ Wire fencing products on offer, visit your local Fonterra Farm Source store.

Article supplied by NZ Wire