Round post shortage explained and good alternatives to consider

Round post shortage explained and good alternatives to consider

26 February 2018

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It's no secret the New Zealand roundwood industry experiences challenges around the supply of No1 and No2 full round fence posts in all lengths.

This is due to the mechanisation of logging crews and the continued growth and success of New Zealand’s Export Log Market which is in direct competition with local pulp manufacturing facilities. Small diameter logs generally come from the top part of the tree and generate the small, round posts.

Unfortunately, with mechanical harvesting this upper tree material is easily damaged or broken off. And if these small logs make it through the tree felling and log-making process, they are often placed into export or pulp log grades because this specification is easier to meet than roundwood grades.

The good news is the focus has shifted over the last few years to quarter and half round fence posts. These are produced from older, larger diameter wood and are a great substitute for round posts.

In terms of value for money, quarter round posts are hard to beat, with a No1 Quarter falling between a No1 and No2 Round for strength and well below a No2 Round for price.

Roundwood New Zealand specialises in producing top quality Roundwood Products that are supplied to Fonterra Farm Source for the rural farm fencing, horticulture and viticulture markets.

Product lines consist of Full Round, Half Round, Quarter Round and Strainer Posts, Fence Battens and Construction Poles (for shed, bunker and retaining wall applications).

Because the supply issue with rounds has impacted on the availability of 2.4m round stays, Roundwood New Zealand has created a new pointed half round post for this purpose.

The benefit of using a pointed half round is it provides a consistent size point to notch into the strainer. This avoids having to shape the end of the stay manually on-site as it has already been done. The benefit of using a half round for a stay is you can run the wires against the flat face for a clean finish. Also, using a half round on its edge creates a very strong option for a stay.

All processing is completed at the Roundwood New Zealand production facility in Tokoroa from raw Log Feedstock. Product is graded and quality checked in line with the relevant New Zealand and industry standards to ensure all product produced is fit for its intended purpose.

Products are steam dried to achieve even penetration and retention of chemical in the Treatment Process. Pressure Treatment to the required Hazard Class is completed in accordance with the relevant New Zealand Standards and is independently verified by a third-party auditor (AsureQuality). Once the Treatment Process is complete, products are stored under cover to allow fixation to occur. Fixation happens when the product is dry and no leaching of chemical can occur.

Keep an eye out for up and coming deals and promotions on Roundwood New Zealand Quarter Round and Half Round Fence Posts through Fonterra Farm Source Stores over the next few months.

Article supplied by Roundwood New Zealand