Safety sighters improve gateway visibility

Safety sighters improve gateway visibility

1 June 2017

A common high risk area on many farms are unseen wires across gateways and races, often put up to guide stock after milking and drafting. For anyone on a farm bike, these can be near invisible, and potentially extremely dangerous.

The design team at Gallagher casts their minds skywards to come up with a visual marker that would help alert farmers and staff to this risk in an effective and simple way.

For many years power transmission lines have had high visibility spheres fitted over valleys and other potential flight paths to minimise the risk of aircraft accidents.

The same principle is behind Gallagher’s High Visibility Sighters. Built from high density durable UV-resistant plastic, the Sighters take the simple principal of Gallagher’s Hi-Viz flags, but without the fraying, movement and cutting the flags inflict on the wire or bungy gates over time.

The two halves of the Sighter simply snap onto the bungy, braid or rope used across the race or gateway. Two internal spikes will prevent any lateral movement along the rope or bungy by penetrating the conductor, keeping it secure.

The simple, streamlined design of the High Visibility Sighter ensures a smoother wind passage over it, reducing vibration and wear on the suspending wire or bungy cord.

Gallagher fencing products manager Graham Johns says the High Visibility Sighter is popular with farmers looking to adhere to the rising health and safety expectations on farms in New Zealand.

The combination of orange and white halves has proven to provide the most effective highlighting contrast against raceways and paddock backdrops.

Graham has also noticed a number of additional uses suggested by farmers who viewed the Sighters at recent field days.

“These included using them to highlight hazards or risky areas on a farm, or points where a water pipe may pass under a race.”

Another suggestion was using them at the end of farm airstrips to highlight the presence of fences on the strip perimeter.

The Sighter comes in packs of five with an even quantity of white and orange halves and are now included in all Gallagher Electric Bungy Gates, replacing the high viz flags.

For more information talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source TSR or you can visit us in store today.

Article supplied by Gallagher