Strip grazing without mains power

Strip grazing without mains power

25 March 2019

Whether you’re strip grazing to maximise seasonal forage crops through direct grazing or to keep quality in your pasture and improve yield, convenience and reliability is key, especially in areas without mains power.

Keeping quality in your pasture

Regular and controlled strip grazing using a portable fencing system and a solar energiser is an effective way to maintain grass at the high-growth tillering stage for fresh, lush pasture with high protein and energy levels. When grazed and rested for the right amount of time, optimum conditions for grass growth are maintained with plants producing leafy shoots from the base.

Maximising feed utilisation of forage crops

Crops like turnips, kale and sorghum are cheap to establish and useful for filling feed deficits during cold or dry months when grass growth slows or stops completely. Direct grazing of such crops using portable electric fencing powered with a solar energiser eliminates the costs and time associated with harvesting and feeding out. And, importantly, animal waste is returned directly to the land.

Small and mighty

Stafix by Datamars has upgraded its portable solar energisers, significantly improving portability and power on the fence and taking the hassle out of strip grazing in areas without mains power.

The new compact size (the result of smarter, more efficient electronics) and an ergonomically-weighted handle make the new Stafix solar energisers easy to move around the farm.

In addition to putting more voltage on the fence, they’re simpler and more intuitive to use too. Fitting and replacing the battery is fail-safe and fence leads can be clipped away when transporting from one paddock to another. Multiple mounting configurations make it easy to attach to Y-post, T-post or wood.

An in-built battery management system ensures the new Stafix solar energizer will continue to work for three weeks without sunlight and the status of the battery is clearly visible on the indicator. This means the energiser is extremely low-maintenance and requires minimal interference other than the usual routine checks of the fence.

The small and mighty new S80 and S150 Stafix solar energisers are available from your local Farm Source store.

Article supplied by Datamars