Enjoy the fruits of your labour with hassle-free spraying

Enjoy the fruits of your labour with hassle-free spraying

22 March 2018

Nutritious and delicious, New Zealand-grown stone fruits are sought-after locally and overseas demand continues to grow. But not all consumers realise producing such top-quality fruit is a fine art with its fair share of challenges. And whether you’re an orchardist with thousands of trees or a farmer with a couple of trees on your property, without proper weed and pest control, the health and productivity of the fruit is at serious risk

With an insatiable thirst, unmanaged weeds compete for the water, light and soil, the fruit tree relies on to thrive. Weeds also offer a haven for the insects including moths, fruit fly, beetles and mites which the tree attracts as it blooms. These pests bring diseases and threaten the health of the crop. Effective weed and pest control is critical to ensure the weeds don’t spread, and disease doesn’t damage our sought-after, premium fruit.

The Promax Rapid Spray Spot Ranger is an Australian-made 12-volt spot sprayer designed for spray applications including herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Easy to use, the Spot Ranger features a reliable 8.3 litres per minute (LPM) 60 pounds per inch (psi) 12 volt (V) Delevan pump imported from the United States. Complete with a regulator and gauge, the Spot Ranger is designed for accuracy and reduces the risk of over-spraying and wasted chemicals. Rapid Spray Sales Manager, Russel Firth, says it is a must (and best practice) to always read the chemical instructions prior to spraying to confirm the correct rates of chemicals are being applied.

There is no need to worry about extra reach with a Spot Ranger as it has a full six metres of chemical spray hose. The Powerjet Spray gun lets you get into the hard-to-reach places higher in the tree and around the tree base where weeds tend to tangle and really take hold. Paired with the adjustable brass nozzle for either a jet stream or a spray mist, the whole area gets sprayed to kill all insects as well as their hidden eggs.

The Spot ranger comes in two handy sizes; 60L and 95L, and is ideal for use with farm vehicles and mowers. Promax stocks a range of accessories to complement the Spot Ranger, including; trailer kits, smart reels and more. With a 15-year spray tank warranty, the Spot Ranger will prove its worth in helping you rid your trees of weeds and pests and make sure you produce the best fruit possible.

For more information on the Spot Ranger sprayer in New Zealand, contact Promax Engineered Plastics on 0800 77 66 29 or talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source team.

Article supplied by Promax Engineered Plastics Ltd