Maximising effluent nutrients profitably

Maximising effluent nutrients profitably

30 October 2017

Correct effluent management can deliver savings on fertiliser, increase grass growth and ensure environmental compliance regulations are met.

There are many components to a Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) system. And while getting the components right is the first step, effective management of the system is equally as important.

Spreading dairy effluent needs to be done at a rate and depth that make sure it’s kept in the root zone of the plant in order to maximize nutrient uptake by the plant.

Whether it is a new system or an upgrade to an existing system, Numedic can design and manufacture the required effluent products. The Numedic product line includes a wide range of effluent pumps, hydrants, irrigators, and mixers. Numedic are suppliers of effluent pipe, draghose and fittings as well.

FDE is a valuable fertiliser but for efficient dispersal an irrigator must be able to spread effluent evenly and at a low application depth. The Numedic ADCAM 750 travelling irrigator has been in production for 15 years and, with seven different travel speeds, it can deliver effluent at low depths with an even spread to promote increased grass growth. Stationary irrigators and Nupods are available for irrigating effluent on areas of the farm that are not suitable for travelling irrigators.

Numedic also manufacture a range of vertical and horizontal effluent pumps. With strong bearing and shaft assembly, these pumps are reliable and can easily handle effluent straight out of the pond, tank or pit. A pond mixer correctly specified for the size of the storage pond will mean nutrients are well mixed when irrigated on to the pasture to further optimise plant performance.

Hydrants are manufactured by Numedic using high quality Bauer couplings and are hot-dipped galvanised for a long life. Hydrants come with a range of hose tail sizes or threads to suit all different pipe sizes and come in many configurations such as two-way, three-way and four-way.

Numedic’s Hydrofan washdown nozzles reduce effluent by ten litres per cow per day (on average). A typical dairy farm milking 400 cows will reduce both washdown water and effluent volume by around 1.2 million litres per year for a 300-day milking season. Hydrofan nozzles generally pay for themselves in three to four months and are a sound decision environmentally.

Numedic are a Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) Accredited Designer and can design systems to meet the current FDE Design Standards and Code of Practice.

All the products mentioned above are available through your local Fonterra Farm Source store.

Whether you are looking at a total system, an upgrade or even one part for your effluent system, get the ball rolling by contacting your local Fonterra Farm Source TSR or local store today.

Article supplied by Numedic Ltd