Get the skinny on a new type of sun protection

Get the skinny on a new type of sun protection

23 October 2019

As business owners and proud parents, Martha and Olly Van Arts wanted to play a part in the way people enjoy the sunshine. Their innovative sunscreen brand, Skinnies, is an alternative to traditional sunscreen and is a waterless, eco sunscreen gel that’s better for you and the planet.

With Martha’s science background and Olly’s marketing background they quickly discovered traditional sunscreens are largely water-based. They wanted something where less product was used for the same result, and also something that wasn’t white, so it wasn’t noticeable when applying sunscreen on the skin.

Skinnies is made using zero water, so it’s more concentrated, won’t sweat off, and stays on your skin longer, so you don’t get burnt. A pea size blob is all you need to cover your face, neck and ears. “You can put it on your forehead and it won’t sting your eyes, so it’s perfect for on-farm use or getting out to do some sport like a game of cricket, or going for a surf,” says Martha.

Skinnies is gaining recognition around the world and has recently won the prestigious ‘Best of Beauty – Best New Breakthrough Brand’ award from USA magazine Allure. Leading dermatologists such as New York’s Dr. Ellen Marmur, have endorsed Skinnies as a completely new type of waterless sunscreen that is ultra-concentrated, requiring only a small amount to do the job.

Skinnies uses a proprietary technology called Organogel which forms a thin layer that bonds to the top of your skin to hold the UV filters in place. Because it’s not diluted with water there is less ‘dry down’ or evaporation, giving instant long-lasting UVA/UVB protection, and because it is a soft spreadable gel rather than a white lotion, cream or block, it doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin.

Olly recently attended the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Denver, Colorado where he exhibited Skinnies to the North American market. He came away with two top awards from renowned magazines; Runner’s World and Popular Mechanics and Skinnies was awarded ‘Editor’s Choice – Best Product in Show.’

Skinnies offers a range of products which will be available at Farm Source this summer. Their hero product is Skinnies Sungel SPF30 which is ideal for everyday use.

For sport, grab Skinnies Conquer SPF50 which has four hours water resistance and is reef safe for the ocean enthusiast. For beauty, you can’t go past the Skinnies Looks SPF30 tinted version, which features four benefits for your face in the sun. It protects, tints, moisturises and repairs and is available in the popular medium tint for light to olive skin.

Visit your local Farm Source store and give Skinnies a go for a safe summer in the sun. And remember – a little goes a long way!

Article supplied by Skinnies