Purchasing Hazardous Substances from Farm Source

Purchasing Hazardous Substances from Farm Source

16 October 2019

Under the new Hazardous Substances Regulations, we’ve had to change the way we sell certain hazardous goods. Previously called ‘Approved Handler Required’ products, they are now known as Tracked and Restricted to Workplace products. The new regulations mean we need proof of your relevant training before we can sell you any Tracked or Restricted to Workplace substances.

If you’re purchasing class 6.1A and 6.1B agrichemicals or some of the more hazardous substances available from Farm Source, you need to complete a ‘Notification of Competent Person to Receive’. You only need to submit this form once, and we’ll save it on file against your account for future reference. As part of this notification, you’ll need to include:

  • Proof of your training i.e. Certified Handler or Approved Handler Certificate (allows purchase of Tracked OR Restricted Products) / Basic Chemical Handling or Growsafe Certificate (allows purchase of Restricted Products only)
  • OR
  • a signed statement attesting an equivalent certificate or proof of training around the use and handling of certain hazardous substances.

If you do not have a certified handler on farm, you will need to complete one of the above qualifications in order to continue purchasing these products from Farm Source.

Getting Certified

Chemical handling courses are available through different training providers throughout New Zealand. You can either contact a compliance certifier, (contacts provided via the compliance certifiers web link below) for recommendations on local course providers, or we have located the below providers which have national coverage.

You will be directed to the provider websites via these links

The above courses cover purchase of Restricted products and if further qualifications (Certified Handler) is required to purchase Tracked Products you apply for a certified handler certificate from a compliance certifier after completion of these initial courses and are able to provide proof of on-the-job experience.

Approved Handler certification is transitioning to Certified Handler, your current Approved Handler certificate is still valid until expiry and then will need to be replaced with a Certified Handler. Check out the Hazardous Substances Practical Guide for further information around your hazardous substances requirements.

Please note if you can’t provide proof of certification, Farm Source won’t be able to sell these products to you.

If you have any further questions about the regulations around purchasing hazardous substances please contact your local Farm Source store.