Ecotain - Gordonton Farmer Video Testimonial

Ecotain - Gordonton Farmer Video Testimonial

31 January 2020

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Brendon O’Leary is a dairy farmer in Gordonton, Waikato milking 370 cows on 85 hectares.

He started using Ecotain® environmental plantain 18 months ago as a companion plant in a ryegrass clover mix and hasn’t looked back. He has observed great emergence of the plantain with strong upright growth that doesn’t smother the ryegrass or clover and hasn’t had to alter any major management practices to be able to incorporate Ecotain into his system.

As well as great palatability, there are huge environmental benefits to Ecotain which Brendon says will be a major step forward for agriculture if it is recognised in Overseer. Brendon foresees Ecotain playing a key role in the rest of his renovation program going forward and is looking at rolling out onto his 2nd farm in the future.

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