High performance ryegrass for high performance farms

High performance ryegrass for high performance farms

1 February 2017

ONE50 AR37 perennial ryegrass has been available for a few years and, for many farmers, it’s the preferred late-heading ryegrass due to its all-round durability and year in, year out performance.

Dairy farming is about delivering quality feed to milking cows and turning that feed, as efficiently as possible, into saleable milk. The choice of ryegrass (and white clover) is integral to any dairy farming business as it is the precursor to profitability. Traits of ryegrass are very important and for the most part persistence, production and a late heading date with good shoulder growth are vital to drive maximum homegrown feed.

Tom Jeffrey milks 230 cows in the Karaka region and has tried many ryegrasses in the past. For the last two seasons Tom has used the Burgundy pack containing ONE50 AR37 on the back of advice from his Technical Sales Representative (TSR) Gill Dallas.

Tom has been very impressed by ONE50’s ability to recover from the dry and persist well in an environment which tends to really struggle with pasture persistency.

ONE50 with AR37 combines an outstanding late-heading cultivar with the best novel endophyte available for insect protection in a ryegrass. Because of this Tom decided it was going to fit his requirements and he will be using ONE50 AR37 again this season.

ONE50 is a diploid cultivar bred from north-west Spanish genetics along with plants screened and selected in Northland. ONE50 has shown very good persistence and tolerance to dry and hot summers. With a late heading date (more than 20 days), ONE50 AR37 is ideal for dairy farms where high production and improved late spring feed quality are important. It also has a high tolerance to crown rust, which is important in regions prone to ryegrass rust.

ONE50 AR37 has rapidly become the late-heading ryegrass of choice for many dairy farmers.

For more information on how ONE50 AR37, Tribute and Mainstay can fit into your system, contact your local Fonterra Farm Source representative.

Article supplied by Agricom

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