Investing in accurate data pays off

Investing in accurate data pays off

23 September 2018

If you’re grazing dairy heifers, meeting weight targets is easier when you weigh regularly and manage animals as individuals.

Weighing and tracking actual progress versus your target means you can be proactive in managing your animals.

Good stockmanship, grazing management and animal health practices are still key, but the ability to weigh and trace animals accurately adds another tool to your decision-making toolbox as well as ensuring you meet your compliance obligations.

All Tru-Test products are user-friendly and designed to work together.

Tru-Test EID readers, both fixed and portable options, integrate seamlessly with Tru-Test weigh scales and load bars. No matter your set-up, Tru-Test systems let you take control and manage your targets.

Tru-Test has also developed a cloud-based online software system called MiHub Livestock Management to help manage the data you collect. MiHub Livestock turns weigh session data into a clear graphical snapshot of where your animals are at and helps identify trends.

MiHub Livestock is the simple way to monitor animal weight gains and track performance to target weights - by gathering accurate information using the Tru-Test EID reader and weigh scales, analysing it and then using the information to make timely decisions on farm.

Farmers get a free Base plan subscription to MiHub Livestock with any Tru-Test device and data upload is quick and straightforward. Dairy grazers can invite stock owners to view the data and see how their animals are tracking.

Tru-Test also offers a dedicated support desk, with a friendly team of experts available on the 0800 number to help you.

Tru-Test hardware is a one-off investment and by spreading the cost over the years it soon delivers a return on your investment. It’s an objective measurement that paints a picture of what is happening in your business, helping you make informed decisions and adding value to your bottom line. Use the technology to make smart decisions based on the information you see.

By tagging animals, weighing them regularly and making timely decisions, you extract the most value out of your herd based on actual weights. Not only does tagging and regular weighing deliver significant productivity and profit gains on-farm, it ensures exact traceability.

With an increased spotlight on traceability, Tru-Test offers a simple way to ensure any animal that enters your property, or leaves it, can be correctly and easily traced to its origin.

Tru Test EID takes care of your record-keeping needs, and provides accurate timely data for improved decision-making – it’s a win win.

Got any questions? Contact your local Farm Source TSR or visit your local Farm Source store.

Article supplied by Tru-Test Limited