Performance when you need it most

Performance when you need it most

30 January 2018

With so many ryegrasses on the market, it’s important to select the right grass for the job. To maximise homegrown perennial feed, your grass needs to be a solid performer New Zealand-wide. With insect pressure and challenging environmental conditions, a reliable perennial ensures you aren’t left with an under-performing paddock when your herd needs it most.

Ultimately, a perennial is judged on its production and performance over time and ONE50 perennial ryegrass has proven itself across the New Zealand market over several years.

ONE50 provides excellent plant genetics and the option to include novel endophyte technology which, when combined, can increase the forage production and persistence on farm.

Waikato farmer Steve Borkin manages his family farm just out of Matamata. He operates a system three farm based on a 293-hectare (ha) milking platform with 1,200 kiwi cross cows. This production system works on having approximately 10 to 20 percent of total feed imported. Steve understands the importance of growing as much high-quality feed on farm as possible and selecting a high-yielding, persistent and productive cultivar with a strong novel endophyte is paramount.

In the past, Steve struggled with products failing to persist and has also been affected by palatability issues. The Borkins have tried different ryegrasses over recent years, with little success. “We have struggled with persistence in our grass. The main cause of plant death has come down to insect pressure and the dry summer environment. Previous cultivars have struggled to make it to their third year,” says Steve.

With the help of their Farm Source Technical Sales Rep, Warren Coulson, the Borkin’s decided to go with ONE50 perennial ryegrass with AR37 endophyte. They made the call based on its great characteristics as a top-performing cultivar on the DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI), where it has been given a five-star rating and a confidence rating of 10 plus.

“When deciding on a new cultivar we had to select a product that had the best endophyte. We choose ONE50 AR37 because of its high-yielding, late-heading diploid features with the protection of the AR37 endophyte,” says Steve.

Warren Coulson adds, “Endophyte played a big role in choosing a cultivar, and with ONE50 being New Zealand’s biggest selling ryegrass cultivar, there is plenty of confidence in this product.”

This season Steve planted 30 hectares of ONE50 AR37 and, so far, is impressed with the results. “Even through a wet, difficult autumn, ONE50 managed to establish very well and allowed us to get on quickly for the first grazing. It has looked very impressive throughout the autumn and winter and has really performed.”

For more information on how ONE50 perennial ryegrass can fit into your system, talk to your local Farm Source Technical Sales Rep.

Article supplied by Agricom