Planting today for a better tomorrow

Planting today for a better tomorrow

28 January 2021

How Plant for Good, by Farm Source and Wildlands, got Aotearoa Farms blooming.

Aotearoa Farms has four dairy units spread across three farms in the South Waikato.

Already motivated to undertake planting, but unsure exactly where or what to plant, Aotearoa Trust CEO Kieryn Tapper reached out to Māori Business Development and Relationship Manager Sam Cashell. In doing so, Kieryn learned of the Farm Source Plant for Good initiative, a partnership between Wildlands and Farm Source.

“I was immediately attracted to the Plant for Good service due to the guaranteed survival rate of the trees,” Kieryn says.

A site visit was undertaken by Wildlands in February 2020 and a resulting Planting Plan was delivered. Thirteen planting areas were identified across the three farms, with c.55,000 native plants recommended to be planted across c.7.5 hectares.

Aotearoa Trust secured external funding to undertake the planting of 6,800 plants in 2020. Planting took place over four days and across three planting areas, including riparian margins, hillslopes and pasture (linking two areas of remnant indigenous forest).

Kieryn says the extensive planting plan made it easy to show trustees where their money would be spent.

“We could identify the planting areas within the plan that were the highest priority, and that is where we started. We were able to gain external support with our planting as it was also protecting key waterways within our region.”

Wildlands has since been back to undertake the first maintenance round to release plantings from competing exotic grasses and broadleaved weeds.

“The plants have established well and look fantastic. We are really excited to see them grow and develop over the years.”

Looking forward, Aotearoa Farms has engaged Wildlands to undertake further planting in 2021 and aims to chip away at their Planting Plan over the next few years.

“Aotearoa Trust has made a commitment to enhance our on-farm environment by planting out some of our non-productive areas,” Kieryn says.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Wildlands and the Plant for Good initiative over the coming years. We cannot fault their service and the commitment they too have shown to our farms.”

If you are interested in the Plant for Good service in 2021, plant orders need to be placed as soon as possible. Contact Wildlands to arrange a site visit and planting plan today to avoid missing out.

Article supplied by Wildlands.