Proven Persistence in a Perennial Ryegrass

Proven Persistence in a Perennial Ryegrass

28 January 2021

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ONE50 is far from a new name in the perennial ryegrass market. It is one of the most trialled varieties available and has been New Zealand’s largest selling ryegrass for the past four years. Given pasture production is one of the most vital elements in a profitable farming system, it goes to show that ONE50 is a reliable option suited to any farming system – something Stuart Kilsby, of Barhaven Farm, has witnessed first-hand.

For the last 12 years, Stuart (Stu) has sharemilked 280 cows on 85 effective hectares (ha) not far out of Te Awamutu. During this time, Barhaven Farm has gone through an extensive regrassing programme to improve the performance of its pastures. Stu has utilised crops such as maize, sorghum and chicory to break the insect and weed cycles of the poorly performing areas before turning the paddock back into a perennial pasture.

Stu was encouraged to try ONE50 by his local Farm Source Technical Sales Rep Debbie Thomson in the autumn of 2017. Debbie has been in the Te Awamutu area for many years and will only recommend cultivars she has full confidence and trust in, which is why she was happy to endorse ONE50 to Stu. Based on the confidence Stu has in Debbie’s recommendation, the success many other local farmers have had with ONE50 and his own positive experience with the grass, Stu has chosen it as his preferred regrassing option for the last three years.

“The cows like it and it’s persistent,” Stu says. “Overall it’s doing a great job.”

Stu will be sowing Farm Source’s Burgundy Pack in March at a rate of 25 kilograms per ha (kg/ha) to get this year’s rotation back into ryegrass. The Burgundy Pack consists of 21 kg/ha of ONE50 AR37 with four kg/ha of white clover, and is also available in an Ecotain® environmental plantain mix, consisting of 22 kg/ha of ONE50 AR37 with three kg/ha of Ecotain, for a user-friendly way to incorporate this environmentally function herb into a farm system.

In addition to the many farmer testimonials, ONE50 has been trialled extensively in the National Forage Variety Trials. ONE50 AR37 has completed 36 individual national trials to date while ONE50 AR1 has completed 24. It is good to be aware that the number of trials a cultivar is summarised in relates to the confidence you can have that the data summary will not change with the addition of extra trials. The performance of a cultivar is unlikely to change dramatically after being tested in more than 10 individual trials.

Running a system two operation and being largely grass-based means Stu depends on having a high performing, persistent pasture on the platform – a big reason why he chose ONE50 with AR37. ONE50 is particularly known for its summer and autumn production, something Stu also recognises.

“As we go into the dry, it holds on and just keeps growing,” Stu says.

For more information on ONE50 AR37 and the Burgundy Pack, get in touch with your local Farm Source representative.


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