Proven, productive and persistent ryegrass

Proven, productive and persistent ryegrass

28 September 2017

High performing farming systems need backing by a high performing perennial ryegrass.

In today’s farming systems we expect a lot from our pastures. With increased stocking rates, improved genetic merit in the national dairy herd and an increasing reliance on homegrown feed it’s no surprise that our pastures need to be robust feeding platforms. Fit for purpose and value are key considerations when it comes to growing grass and feeding animals.

An increasing number of farmers across New Zealand are realising the benefits of growing ONE50 AR37 on farm. ONE50 diploid perennial ryegrass has been a solid performer, often exceeding farmers expectations since its release. It is no surprise that it is a popular choice for dairy or sheep ® beef systems, due to its excellent production, particularly in summer, autumn and winter months. ONE50 is a late heading ryegrass (+20 days relative to Nui), so it’s flush of growth occurs towards mid to late spring, with excellent summer growth carrying on into the autumn and winter.

Mark Brown, NZ Sales and Marketing Manager at Agricom is quick to back up ONE50’s unmatched reputation, “ONE50 AR37 is a proven performer with not only a 5 star FVI rating in all dairy regions , but with the position of now being the number one selling perennial ryegrass in New Zealand.”

ONE50 is a diploid cultivar made up of a cross of elite genetics including north-west Spanish material and plants screened in Northland, and has very good persistence and tolerance to dry and hot summers. It also has a high tolerance to rust, which is important in regions prone to ryegrass rust.

There are a number of factors that influence ryegrass persistence and performance. Endophyte plays a strong role in this, in addition to soil fertility, rainfall and management (including establishment and grazing). AR37 endophyte has a very high level of resistance to many pasture insects. AR37 is effective against Argentine stem weevil, porina, black beetle adult, pasture mealy bug and root aphid.

ONE50 has been extensively trialled with multiple endophytes throughout New Zealand as part of the National Forage Variety Trials. The data from these trials contribute to the DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI), rating cultivars from 1 to 5 stars. ONE50 AR37 has a five star value in all NZ dairy regions and is proven to be an attractive investment option that can be used to increase on farm production and increase overall robustness of the forage base of the farm. “A perennial ryegrass takes time to prove itself” Mark Brown explains, “ONE50 is one of the most trialled cultivars New Zealand wide and is number one because the farmer chooses it.”

The choice of perennial ryegrass is integral to any dairy farming business as it is the precursor to farm profitability. Dairy farms are driven by the ability to turn home grown pasture into saleable milk as efficiently as possible. More NZ farmers are driving the productivity and longevity of their system using ONE50 AR37 perennial ryegrass.

For more information on One50, talk to your local TSR or visit your local Fonterra Farm Source store.

Article supplied by Agricom