Spring sown crops & grass deserve the best start

Spring sown crops & grass deserve the best start

1 September 2020

Farmers preparing paddocks for spring sowing have a new choice of high-performance glyphosate this season, and it has been developed specifically for New Zealand conditions.

That’s good news for anybody who has ever struggled to find the right time to spray during a busy time of the year, when the weather is often unpredictable.

When applied as recommended with Pulse® Penetrant, CRUCIAL®, from Nufarm, carries a commercial performance guarantee of 15 minutes rainfastness.

This sets a new benchmark in terms of flexibility and knowing the job is done properly even when conditions are marginal and challenging.

Those who tried the new formulation in autumn have already welcomed its reliability and performance.

“The peace of mind I get from having full confidence in spraying CRUCIAL knowing that it will do the job, means everything to me. No one has time to be going back and spraying twice!” says one user from Taranaki.

The new herbicide is the only formulation in the world which combines three glyphosate salts - potassium, monomethylamine and ammonium.

It has a high load of active ingredient (600 g/litre), meaning more weed killing power per litre, using less product per ha, and the on-board triple surfactant mix ensures glyphosate molecules penetrate and spread through the plant quickly.

The result is fast uptake of the product and excellent efficacy against target weeds.

CRUCIAL’S rapid kill has impressed in the Waikato, where another user says it means he can get back into paddocks sooner.

“We have also noticed, at around a week after spraying, we can cultivate paddocks more easily and this allows us to cultivate more area in a day when compared to other glyphosates. The roots seem to be dead and break up more easily.”

The new herbicide pours easily, won’t foam and tank mixes very well with other products. It comes in a range of pack sizes, from the all-new OHS 15 litre pack, all the way up to the larger 640 L and 1000 L pod options.

The importance of a good pre-plant spray programme can’t be overlooked when it comes to getting the very best out of your investment in fertiliser, seed and paddock preparation ahead of spring sowing, Nufarm says.

A thorough kill of existing grass and grass weeds is a vital step in successful spring pasture renewal, especially where low value grass species such as browntop or twitch have contributed to the paddock in question being selected for renewal in the first place.

“By then it’s too late to remedy the problem, and instead of productive, profitable new pasture farmers can find themselves facing the loss of quality and persistence faster than expected.”

The same applies when the paddock is being prepared for crop. Grass and other poorly controlled weeds can become re-established and will quickly compete with the newly sown crop.

To find out more about CRUCIAL, contact your Farm Source Technical Sales Representative today for view this product online here.

®CRUCIAL is a registered trademark of Nufarm Australia Limited

®Pulse is a registered trademark of Nufarm Technologies USA Pty Ltd