North Island - TSR Regional Report - June 2020

North Island - TSR Regional Report - June 2020

1 June 2020

With the Waikato playing an essential role in New Zealand's dairy industry, Farm Source Cambridge's TSR Cam Neeld takes his role very seriously.

For nine years, Cam has been looking after approximately 150 farmers across the Waikato.

It's a big job and helping his farmers find solutions to their problems or need for improvement is what Cam enjoys most about his role as TSR.

To the role, he brings experience from a background in farm systems management, nutrition and agronomy, and he loves to share this knowledge with farmers "so we can all progress" he says.

With nearly a decade in the role, Cam has plenty of experience working with farms across the Waikato, and when asked what makes the region unique, he calls it "the backbone of New Zealand's dairy production". In saying this, he adds it's important to ensure everyone achieves their potential and can operate efficiently.

Doing this, he says, puts New Zealand in its "best position going forward".

Right now, Cam will be imparting his knowledge to make sure farmers are well prepared for the new season.

Calving is approaching for spring cows, so he says sheds and farms will need to be set up accordingly.

Alongside that, Cam adds farmers will also be facing challenges in the form of transition feeding and metabolic issues in the herd.

Recently, he helped a farmer experiencing eczema problems on farm. The existing prevention system had been recommended by a mineral company, but Cam says it wasn't a realistic system for a dairy farmer.

Together, Cam and the farmer formulated a simple and effective plan for the summer which managed to save money in the process.

When Cam doesn't have an answer for farmers, he can call on the help of vendor reps for support.

He also works with them to demonstrate new products, which he recently did with Agrifeeds' Santana Hauraki.

"We have enjoyed getting out in front of farmers with Agrifeeds' great new NIR scan technology. We can accurately and quickly tell our farmers exactly what they're feeding as far as silages and pasture profiles are concerned, and help generate a cost-effective feed plan to maximise production and reduce costs."

Both of these anecdotes are examples of why Cam says Farm Source is different from its competitors.

"With our farmer value proposition, our dairy focus, and our unwavering belief in supporting our farmers, we have an enviable position in the market."

When Cam's not on farm with his farmers, he doesn't stray from the outdoors, saying he loves fishing and will spend a few weekends every year camping in Northland.

He also loves spending time with his family.