South Island TSR Regional Report - September 2019

South Island TSR Regional Report - September 2019

1 September 2019

Born-and-bred Southlander Morgan Lindsay has been a TSR for the Balclutha Farm Source store for three years.

He looks after 105 farmers in the South Otago region - an area with vastly different terrains; from steep, rolling and dry, to flat and fertile.

Morgan grew up farming, first on a sheep and beef farm in Drummond, Southland, before moving to a farm in Balclutha at the age of 14.

After leaving South Otago High School, Morgan worked as a storeman for Reid Farmers, which then became PGG and eventually merged with Wrightsons. Travel around Australia and Europe was interspersed with a two-year stint mining before returning home and working for Farmlands for three years. He started with Farm Source three years ago and hasn’t looked back.

"I was attracted to the role with Farm Source when I noticed Fonterra were really looking after their shareholders.

Any business that looks after both its employees and shareholders is a company that moves in a direction of success. And I’m proud to be part of an evolving industry," says Morgan.

With calving now underway, Morgan will be paying it forward and looking after his farmers during the busiest time on farm.

"This month calving is in full swing so I will be making sure they are getting what they need to help them through that busy, intense, stressful time on the farm. And also just being aware of the wellbeing of my clients and making sure they can work their way towards another successful season," he says.

For Morgan, interacting with his clients and others in the farming industry and being part of the close-knit Farm Source team are the highlights of his role.

"I really enjoy helping my clients achieve the targets they are trying to meet, working with the close Otago Southland team with their great attributes and skills in all aspects of the dairy industry," he says.

As for challenges, the dairy farming industry certainly presents a few but, with farming in his blood, Morgan is a resilient sort.

"Things are always changing in the dairy industry, with new rules, regulations and criteria to meet, so keeping up-to-date with all the new sharemilkers moving around and product changes is always a challenge.

And of course, the weather always plays a big part in keeping everyone on their toes on farm.

" Morgan says his region has seen some extreme dry periods over the past year, which have halted growth in pastures and winter crops, making it difficult to meet required plans.

Thankfully, Morgan’s passion lies in agronomy and he’s been putting those skills to work to improve production outcomes.

"Recently I have been working with a sharemilker and the farm’s owners to try and achieve better pasture to improve milk production on farm.

It’s not just about putting more grass seed in the ground - we are working through the soil structures and what we can do to increase oxygen, moisture and nutrient flow through the soil to the root structure to get better plant health," he says.

He’s no stranger to hard work and takes pride in offering farmers the best solutions to help enhance their profitability.

"I am honest and work hard to keep my clients’ farming needs fulfilled, I like to keep them involved in the process of what is best practice on farm within the agronomy space. I use vendor reps to help me with confirmation on different things and, if I don’t know something, I let them know then go figure it out," says Morgan.

Morgan and his wife Sarah have three young children, seven-year-old Max, five-year-old Zoe, and two-year-old Van. Outside work he spends time with family and enjoys playing golf and cricket.