Slotted pipe saves time and delivers better farm drainage

Slotted pipe saves time and delivers better farm drainage

18 October 2018

Finding the right drainage solution for your farm can improve productivity, protect your livestock and land, and help you comply with environmental standards

Implementing or replacing farm drainage can be in the ‘too-hard basket’ when there is so much other daily work to be done. But there are some simple off-the-shelf solutions available that are worth considering.

Labour-intensive drainage such as clay pipes and tiles can now be avoided thanks to long, yet easy to handle slotted pipe.

Slotted pipe lets you fill in open drains without losing any ground drainage while eliminating stock losses and complying with your environmental responsibilities to protect waterways.

Southland Fonterra farmer Murray Ballantine took advantage of one of these drainage solutions and saved himself hours of painstaking manual labour.

Murray was preparing to replace decades-old, failing earthenware pipes on his Invercargill sheep and dairy farm and had decided to purchase plastic pipes and slot them himself.

"I’d calculated that if I spent about an hour or so every night making the slots in the pipes that I intended to purchase, then after about a month I would have completed enough pipe for the job and could get started on installing it."

Fortunately, before investing in that pipe, Murray discovered he could purchase EUROFLO slotted pipe for a great price and save himself hours of extra work.

"The laying of them was really great too. It was so easy to handle because it’s lightweight and we could lay it in a matter of seconds."

EUROFLO pipe is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) so it’s strong and robust while still being lightweight and easy to handle.

For his farm Murray chose to use 315 millimetre (mm) slotted pipe but, depending on the scale of the drainage project, farmers can opt for EUROFLO slotted pipe ranging from 160mm to 630mm diameter.

Despite the soft soil in the bottom of the trenches, Murray says installation was made easy by the 5.8 metre (m) lengths of slotted pipe.

"Having the extra length to work with in the trench, especially with the soft soil, really helped. You could position it without tilting or tipping and it was easy to connect into the existing pipes," he says.

Since the installation Murray has seen a real improvement in the drainage.

"We’ve had some testing times too with heavy rainfall since we installed the EUROFLO pipe but we’ve been really happy with the product and the results. We would definitely use it again."

For more information on EUROFLO slotted drainage pipe visit or talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source and ask for it by name.

Article supplied by P&F Global