Maize an investment for your farm

Maize has become an increasingly important part of the New Zealand dairy farm system. There are many reasons for this: the increasing frequency and severity of dry summers, the desire to grow more dry matter per hectare, the environmental benefits of growing and feeding the crop, plus it's good for your cows and for the country.

Lock in next season's feed supply now by purchasing maize seed from us before 30 November, find out more about incorporating maize into your farm system, and reap the rewards next season.

Purchasing maize from Farm Source

When you order Maize Seed through Farm Source, you get the benefits of local knowledge and advice. We offer a tailored approach that considers your individual goals and aspirations, plus the unique growing conditions of your farm system.

Earn bonus FS$10 for every bag of Pioneer maize purchased with us.* Exclusive to Fonterra suppliers. *T&Cs apply.
Earn bonus FS$10 for every bag of Pioneer maize purchased with us.* Exclusive to Fonterra suppliers. *T&Cs apply.

Why maize?

1. Great for New Zealand

Agriculture has long been a cornerstone of the New Zealand economy. Locally grown feed supplements, such as maize silage, deliver significant and growing contributions to this sector by providing employment and income for thousands of New Zealanders.

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2. Great for your farm and profit

Maize silage is a proven supplement and the ideal partner to New Zealand's pasture-based dairy farm feed systems.

Core benefits include:

  • More feed per hectare
  • Control of feed costs
  • Increase your home-grown feed
  • Store maize for security of feed supply

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3. Great for your cows

While keeping control of costs is an important part of a profitable dairy farm system, keeping production up is also important because it dilutes fixed costs (e.g. labour and debt servicing).

Maize silage can be used to increase milk production throughout the season by:

  • Improving animal health
  • Improving cow condition
  • Extending lactation
  • Filling feed deficits
  • Maintaining consistent milk quality

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4. Great for the environment

The proven environmental benefits of maize silage make it the crop for the future. Whether it is using water efficiently, diluting urinary nitrogen or making the most of dairy shed effluent, growing and feeding maize silage is a winner.

Core benefits include:

  • More drymatter from every crop
  • Mine excess soil nutrients
  • Dilute urinary nitrogen
  • Keeping animals off pasture

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