Milk Vat Monitoring Systems

Milk Vat Monitoring Systems

We're always looking for the latest technology and tools that can help you on farm, and through The Co-operative Difference we’re committed to supporting you in producing high-quality milk.

To help make farming easier, as well as to improve our Co-op's milk collection efficiency, we’ll be installing new milk vat monitoring technology over the next two years. Farm Source has teamed up with some local providers to bring you relevant options that suit you and your farming operation. You can choose the type of monitoring system that best suits your farm from the available providers outlined below.

To view the options available within your region please click on the region below

You have a choice of base models for no additional cost, and you can upgrade to have more features and/or pay for extra options. There are also additional dairy monitoring and control systems available at a charge

Southland & Northland

Outlined below are the options available to farmers in the Southland & Northland regions.

*The provider has additional T & Cs which apply for the following models:Halo Premium, Levno Milk Basic, Levno Milk Premium.